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The Five Key Benefits Of Using Our Turmeric Paste.

• Ready To Use With Active Ingredients

You lead a busy life, and we know that you don’t need to be taking extra time out of your day to mess around with preparing turmeric for your food, which is why we’ve done it for you. All of our turmeric paste products are ready to go from the moment you purchase the jar, with active ingredients already added for maximum absorption!

Not only that, but having turmeric in a paste ready to go means that you eliminate the mess of working with turmeric itself so you can start feeling great sooner.  Our paste contains approximately 2000mg of curucmin per teaspoon,  thats equivalent of taking 120 turmeric tablets, as a comparison.

No Preservatives

At Totally Rawesome, we pride ourselves in making the freshest product with no nasties in it, so you feel better and get the amazing benefits sooner. That’s why we make sure that there are no preservatives in any of our products, unlike some other turmeric products on the market.

What you put into your body matters to you, which means it matters to us to.

• Freshly Made Every Week From High Quality Ingredients

When you buy a jar of Totally Rawesome turmeric paste you get the full certainty that it’s made fresh easy every week.  We know that it’s important to always keep our products fresh, which is why we’re committed to regular fresh production.

Plus, each jar of turmeric paste is made with the freshest, high quality ingredients so you know that the jar you buy is the best quality we can make it.

• Better Absorption In A Paste

Humans are funny creatures, and sometimes we just can’t absorb the goodness from certain things in its original form. Turmeric is one of those things – our livers turn it water soluble and you can miss out on almost all of the nutrition.

That’s why we’ve combined turmeric with two key ingredients – black pepper and coconut oil – to activate its properties and help your body absorb it so you get the benefits and feel great.

• Versatile To Use

Turmeric is an amazingly versatile spice, which means there’s no shortage of ways you can use it and get its amazing benefits in your life.  Scoop out a spoonful of paste and add it to breakfast meals like omelettes, acai bowls, or smoothies, or have it with lunch and dinner in stir-fry’s, meat marinades or a salad dressing.

Or, if you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, add your turmeric to muffins, overnight oats or cookies to get the same great benefits!

Of course, there’s more too! We know that an activated paste is the only way to properly absorb the turmeric into your system, so we’re one of the only businesses in Australia able to offer you ready to go turmeric paste. Plus, we offer you delivery anywhere in Australia and personal advice on turmeric, its benefits and its uses.

To discover the amazing benefits of turmeric for yourself, continue reading for more information 

Turmeric and Ayurveda 

What does Activated mean?

Curcumin, the main active ingredient in turmeric isn’t absorbed well into our bloodstream. Our livers like to make some substances water soluble so that they can easily pass through.  This is what happens with curcumin.  Once  curcumin enters the body it is rapidly absorbed into the liver and intestine wall. This means that most of the turmeric that is ingested goes unused by the body….unless it is consumed with black pepper and fat.

Black Pepper - black pepper contains piperine, a powerful drug inhibitor which slows the absorption process.

Coconut Oil - Turmeric is fat soluble (dissolves in fat) so this means fat must be added so that the curcumin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lymphatic system, skipping over the liver.


Golden Activated Turmeric paste contains only the good stuff!!

1 Teaspoon = approximately 2500mg curcumin

Turmeric 5% curcumin

Black Pepper

Organic Coconut Oil


Sri Lankan Cinnamon

Golden Activated Chai Turmeric paste contains only the good stuff!!

1 Teaspoon = approximately 2500mg curcumin

Turmeric 5% curcumin

Black Pepper

Organic Coconut Oil


Sri Lankan Cinnamon


All Spice


Ayurvedic medicine (also called Ayurveda) is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India more than 3,000 years ago and remains one of the country’s traditional health care systems.  Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cardamom, All Spice, Cloves and Coconut Oil are commonly used ingredients in Ayurvedic therapeutic health remedies. 

Turmeric -  Curcuma longa, is one of the most well-known, widely researched, and commonly used Ayurvedic spices in the world. There’s hardly a system in the body that isn’t supported by the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of this healing spice. It has a particular affinity for the blood, and is thereby able to circulate its powerful health benefits throughout the body especially once it has been activated.


Black Pepper -  piperine, the active ingredient of black pepper (piper nigrum), when combined with turmeric increases the bio-availablity (body’s absorption) up to 2000% more.  Black pepper is considered an important healing spice in Ayurveda.  It has cleansing and antioxidant properties.  It helps the free flow of oxygen to the brain, helps enhance digestion and circulation, stimulates the appetite, and helps maintain respiratory system health and health of the joints.


Ginger - Traditional Ayurvedic practises recommend ginger for therapeutic use for joint pain, motion or airsickness,  treating nausea, reducing muscle pain/soreness, clearing the microcirculatory, facilitate greater absorption of nutrients, improves elimination of wastes, improving digestion, and for its pro-analgesic effects on  the joints.


Cinnamon - Cinnamon in Ayurvedic practises is know to improve digestion and absorption and promotes elimination.  It is know to remove toxins from the body, improves circulation and warming the kidneys.  Additionally, cinnamon may be used in the treatment of respiratory and sinus congestion, bronchitis, and assist in cold and flu symptoms.  It is both an expectorant and a decongestant. 


Coconut Oil -  Ayurvedic medicine had recognised coconut oil to be beneficial as much as 3000 years ago.  Coconut oil has several antioxidants, antibacterial, anti fungal and antimicrobial properties. It is known to improve the immune system, beneficial for internal organs such as the kidneys, heart and liver. Medium chain fatty acids (MCT) assist in maintaining liver health and minimizing free radical formation. Added therapeutic benefits of coconut oil are - skin care, weight loss, maintaining proper cholesterol levels, hair care, maintaining digestion and metabolism.

Cardamom -It beats bad mouth odour and helps to clear taste buds. It reduces nausea, vomiting, indigestion, flatulence and bloating of stomach. Hence it is very useful in digestive system related problems.

As a spice it helps to reduce cholesterol level and keeps heart healthy.  It acts as a good expectorant and helps to remove excess phlem from respiratory system. It can be used as best remedy in cough and cold.  It acts as a diuretic and increases urine output.  It boosts body energy and strengthens the body tissues.

All Spice - Can treat respiratory problems, helps cure digestive disorders, relieves rheumatic and muscular pain, can have positive effects on degenerative and cancerous disease, calms the mind and body

Cloves - Can temporarily treat a toothache, can relieve upper respiratory infections, aids in reducing inflammation, treats scrapes and bruises, aids in improving digestion, can enhance sexual health.

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