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Totally Rawesome is the brain child of Jennifer and Jason, a pair of health minded individuals from the Gold Coast, Australia.

Their journey into discovering the many benefits of turmeric began when their Golden Retriever Neylah began having hip and arthritic problems. The vet advised steroids and other pharmaceuticals, but Jason and Jennifer knew that there had to be a natural, therapeutic remedy for their beautiful family dog.

That’s when they discovered turmeric. In their research, Jason and Jennifer found that turmeric has many heath advantages for both animals and people, so they set about finding a way to achieve maximum absorption of the spice.

Not only that, but Jennifer and Jason offer a wide variety of wellness products. They had a passion to open a comprehensive wellness shop with a range of chemical free products, and they’re setting out to achieve their dreams.

Ever since, they’ve been on a journey of new foods and new methods of healing, hoping to bring the benefits of turmeric paste, organic body products and natural bath fun to as many people as they can.

The body needs to be cared for with natural ingredients not just on the inside, but on the outside too, which is why Jennifer and Jason offer a range of organic, natural, chemical free products and health foods.

When not working on the business or making this weeks batch of fresh turmeric paste, Jennifer and Jason enjoy cooking and spending time with their children.

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